Brewing Tips

While one of the joys of coffee is exploration and trying different methods and brewing technique here are a few tips to help you produce a good starting cup and give you a platform to start working from.

1. Start with fresh cold water.

Dump out that water already in the kettle or brewer and start with fresh cold water. We recommend spring water. (We prefer Georgia or Florida springs). Do no use distilled water it yields terrible results. A slight mineral content brings out the true beauty of a coffee. 

2. Only grind what you need for that cup or pot.

Ground coffee will have a noticeable flavor differences after about a week. The solution, only grind what you need each time. Whole been coffee maintains flavor for longer.  

When kept as whole bean your coffee can maintain an outstanding taste for up to 30 days. (So long as your keep it in an airtight bag out of bright lights at room temperature) Do not freeze roasted coffee. The cold temperature damages the flavor.

Like living on the edge? Try adding a little cinnamon and butter!