Honduran - Cerra Bueno Canal Washed Lempira

Honduran - Cerra Bueno Canal Washed Lempira

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Ashley Williams and the team at Legacy Farms Coffee Continue to turn our outstanding coffee year after year. This small Honduran farm not only grows our favorite coffee but does outstanding work to help their community and workers.

The Washed Lempira has bold and beautiful Chocolate and Caramel notes with a smooth clean finish. Every time a new client tries this coffee their first comment is how amazingly smooth this coffee is.

We roast this coffee to a medium/medium-dark roast to maximize the Chocolate, Caramel and general sweetness found in this coffee.
Cerro Bueno Lempira is good any day of the week and twice on Saturday!

Country Honduras
Region Cerra Bueno
Farm Legacy Farms Coffee
Altitude 4772 – 5003 Ft
Variety Lempira
Processing Method Canal Washed

Help us support a great farmer helping to build his community in Honduras and the United States.

Please allow two weeks for this coffee to ship after ordering.