Finca Ana - Red Catuai mix

Finca Ana - Red Catuai mix

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We are proud to share with you coffee from a new Farmer, Ana. She and her family have a small two-acre farm in Honduras where she has around 1 acre of producing coffee plants. This is the first year the farm has been able to export a crop. We were given the privilege to purchase half of the first crop of coffee and an outstanding coffee it is. Independent evaluations gave this coffee a grade of 85.5 or higher noting flavors of Chocolate and Caramel.

 With this small farm, Ana is able to help provide for her family and help her daughter pay for college next year and allow here other children to stay in school. It’s Ana’s goal to have all of here children complete high school and attend college if they choose. 

We look forward to future coffee from Ana’s Farm.


Grade: 85

Variety: Red Catuai, mixed

Process: Red Honey

Elevation: 1200 meters

Roast Level: Medium

This is a Micro lot offering of approximately 250 pounds. Once sold out no more will be available until the following growing year.